<b>Richard Roney</b>

Richard Roney

After graduating from the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1990,
Mr. Roney
landed a position with an engineering firm as a marketing assistant for several years before coming to New York to study to be an opera singer. But soon afterwards Mr. Roney found himself in the artist management field where he has over ten years' experince: the means whereby he will use his past experience in arts management and marketing, along with his background in opera and music to reach his goals of continuing the missions of DeStefano Presents, Inc.

Richard Roney was elected to serve on the board of directors in 2008 for DeStefano Presents, Inc. Mr. Roney came to the company in March of 2000 as Director of Development and has successfully increased donor contributions while managing the fundraising operations of the company. He will continue with his fundraising efforts of developing public and private relationships with donors while maintaining government and corporate support.